2016 Hummer H2 Concept, Rumor


The new 2016 Hummer H2 is another powerful SUV from the American manufacturer, Hummer. This time the new Hummer H2 will accompany an enormous physical body, strong impression. The luxury of the new H2, is its accessibility of KIT Chrome body with complete dark shading.

2016 Hummer H2 - FI

Hummer is the accentuation of the US, auto firm to make, the most troublesome enterprise auto, the new American Hummer H2 SUV and also SUT sorts are indeed testing, furthermore solid for all parts. Arrange as Sports Utility Truck (SUT), arrangement H2 has an extraordinary, capacity to convey load with amplified, the box that could reach up to 6 feet long, this auto will positively, accompany tremendous weight of 8000 pounds. The new 2016 Hummer H2 will be exceptional, with the type of the heavy body vehicles, and also, sumptuous appearances with body bundles are promptly accessible in dark chrome, full that supports your sentiment venture. The new Hummer H2 2016 faces dread rivalry from 2016 Toyota Highlander, 2016 Porsche Macan, 2016 GMC Yukon, 2016 Acura MDX.

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Interior and Exterior Changes, Redesign

The extreme and lavish body shape makes its general look exceptionally great. Its body unit is on each point sharp and element, and it’s available in full dark chrome. The new 2016 Hummer H2 SUV has a more extensive body and enormous tires with bigger measurements making it exceptional to some other discharge. Its tires measure 40 by 15.5 by 20. These tires are proper for harder territory conditions, such as ice, soil as well as sand.

2016 Hummer H2 - Interior

For a smooth as well as agreeable ride, there has been a change in the free front torsion bar suspension. While driving on the fundamental Street, the four-wheel drive can be effortlessly moved from back wheel drive. Its first consideration from the front is the new grille that is consolidated by the Hummer seal. The new Hummer H2 2016 inside outline looks clear, energetic and ravishing. The console has touch screen shows and control switches.

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Engine and Mileage Specs

2016 Hummer H2 - Engine

The new Hummer H2 2016 will surely be an upgrade over its forerunner. The recent gave its clients a choice of two motors. It had a 6 liter V8 that made 300 HP, Furthermore a 6.8 liter V8 making 393 torque. Mainly, these two motors improved the vehicle that accompanies a tremendous quality of conveying great weight. Presently, the future Hummer will totally incorporate extra redesigns and additionally will press the breaking points. It will surely run fantastically productively on any surface that you can ever imagine.


  • Model: Hummer
  • Make: H2
  • Year: 2016
  • Price: 100,000
  • 0-60 time: 9 seconds
  • Engine: V8
  • Top Speed: 101 mph
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 325 hp
  • Displacement: 6.2 L
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2016 Hummer H2 Release Date and Price

2016 Hummer H2

The discharge date of 2016 Hummer H2 has not been imparted but rather its evaluated to cost around $100,000 U.S dollars and up.


Generating its way into the SUV average Coliseum is a radical new version of Hummer that is without vulnerabilities thoroughly amazing. The new Hummer H2 2016 is stacked with extra elements and innovation that makes it more sensible than the typical autos. It’s a sort of SUV that is certainly robust and intense in all angles. Its outline has been enhanced to make.

Off-Road King: Hummer H2 2016: Video


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